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                          ‘He will punish you’:Ipswich councillors threatened
                          Adjust font size:   Close The Queensland Times Hayden Johnson 2019-12-09

                          A bizarre threat to "punish" councillors and accusing the council of collusion with China has been made by a Falun Gong practitioner.

                          Susan Lin's email, sent to several councillors and seen by the QT, said the founder of Falun Gong, the living Buddha "Master Li, will also use his power to punish you".

                          Falun Gong is a spiritual practice involving meditation, drawing on Buddhist tradition.

                          Threats and an accusation the Ipswich City Council was influenced by the Communist Party of China was made in retaliation to the council's refusal to provide funding for Shan Ju Lin's Harmony Day event.

                          At last month's council meeting Mayor Andrew Antoniolli led the charge, describing Shan Ju Lin's comment that homosexual people were "abnormal" as going against the council's social justice policy.

                          It was this rejection that spurred the email to councillors.

                          The email described councillors' decision to not provide $2500 as "totally unfair".

                          Ms Lin said if the decision was reversed, councillors would receive a blessing from Master Li Hongzhi, the "superman, controlling everything".

                          "If you help his cause, he will plant a wheel in your stomach, which protects you from any harm or illness," the email read.

                          "And if you don't listen to me, Master Li will also use his power to punish you.

                          "I don't think you will let that happen.

                          "Please write back to me otherwise I will report to Master Li."

                          She also suspected the Communist Party of China, which has banned and persecuted Falun Gong practitioners, was "playing an important role in this rejection" of Harmony Day funding.

                          "Your council must bought (sic) by the evil red dragon," the email read.

                          Concerned with the threat against public officials, Division 2 Councillor Paul Tully said the email could contravene the Queensland Criminal Code.

                          "I'm extremely concerned about this threatening email not only to myself but other councillors and the broader Ipswich community," he said.

                          "We don't know where they live and whether they're capable of carrying out their threats.

                          "To suggest the Chinese Communist Party has influence over the Ipswich City Council is the most stupid comment I've heard in 38 years of public office."

                          Speaking with the QT, Shan Ju Lin said she did not know the author of the email or why it was sent.

                          Cr Tully called on the founder, Master Li, to disassociate himself and Falun Gong from these outrageous comments.

                          Questions about the Falun Gong practice were raised in 2006 after reports followers were "organ harvesting" and being executed on demand.

                          The email claims the founder "could save the whole human race".

                          Ms Lin credits the master with averting "a global comet catastrophe and the Third World War".



                          The Queensland Times ,February 9, 2018 )

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